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Fabian Müller and Kevin Götz are two young cousins from eastern Switzerland. Already in their childhood they were twisting a series of unusual ideas together. In 2017, they then jointly launched the "Hotel Room on Wheels" project, from which Minivilla emerged in December 2018.

The two are logistically and technically supported by their grandfather and farmer Peter Baumann as well as by many other friends and relatives with technical and entrepreneurial experience.

Anetswil Moschtiweg 3
9545 Wängi

052 376 20 00

Kevin is a qualified structural draughtsman. Later he studied construction engineering at the FH Wintherthur. In 2017 he founded his own engineering and architecture firm KG BauPlus, with which he has already realised a number of projects. 

Fabian is currently completing his master's degree in psychology at the University of Bern. In addition, Fabian works in a traditional restaurant in Davos and also takes courses in tourism and accounting in his minor subject at the university. Fabian is also a passionate gardener.